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–  spacious villa house with 4 twin bedrooms, 2 shower bathrooms, living room lounge (with beds for 4 "guests"), dining kitchen, patio and swimming pool


Woven into the Mallorquin landscape, Ca’n Bovet has all its rooms strung out on 1 level, for maximum privacy. The wide, open view, facing directly to the South, starts your day with the sun rising on the terrace, closing the day with a nice shady afternoon.


Designed by Scandinavian architects Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects (in cooperation with Albisu - Pradell Arquitectos, Spain), they focused on positioning the Ca'n Bovet project in the landscape plus using natural materials, to create this simple yet modern finca.


Local craftsmen have combined modern comfort with traditional skills through the use of bamboo, wood and local sandstone to create a feeling of well-being and ease.

Ca'n Bovet villa | Mallorca | Spain

The property used to be an old almond farm; the house is placed between this field and a green terraced hill of large pines. We've been careful not to damage any of the original pine trees and we have replanted some young almond trees to keep the landscape in the original form and planted various fruit trees. In Mallorca, almond trees blossom in February and it's a fantastic sight to see the whole island clothed in pinkish white.

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